Knife recommendation – the perfect knife

My knife recommendation is an 8 inch Chef’s knife

The frugal student’s kitchen is all about buying inexpensive, in-season products and preparing them at home. To accomplish this, my knife recommendation is a full-tang, 8 inch, non-serrated Chef’s knife. Let me tell you a little about why each of these is critical. Then you will avoid buying something that will be useless in a year.
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The First Bachelor Chow Review

I got my first review of Bachelor Chow today.

One of my lab-mates blended up a batch and said that it was filling but bland. I am actually satisfied with that review. I made Bachelor Chow to satisfy three requirements – cheap, simple, nutritious. Flavor really didn’t come into that equation. It ended up being acceptable anyway.


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Study Techniques 3 – The Pomodoro

Taking Short and Long Breaks Effectively

The Pomodoro technique is named because it uses a 25 minute timer. The original timer looked like a little tomato (Italian for tomato is Pomodoro). Your timer doesn’t have to look like a tomato. The point is that you set your timer for 25 minutes, then take a five-minute break. Effective five-minute breaks work when you do absolutely nothing. The point is to let your brain relax. Stare out a window. Stare at a wall. Just sit quietly. At the end of five minutes you will be very bored and want to get back to work.

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Study Techniques 2 – All The Things, All The Time

I wish my University had provided a good introduction to study techniques.

When I used to ask my professors how to study for their class, they would often answer, “Study all the things, all the time.” In some sense, this is good for your education. The professor would be cheating you of your full experience of the material if he said “just study this subset of the material.” If that was what he wanted you to learn, then he would have taught a smaller amount of material. Still, it was not very helpful.
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Study Tip – Try standing at your desk

I like to use a standing desk

Some famous people have been known to use standing desks. Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Winston Churchill for examples. According to Wikipedia, standing desks were popular in the 1700s, so maybe it’s true about the Founding Fathers. I like to use a standing desk because it gives me a sense of urgency and momentum.
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Science, Futurism and Post scarcity

I want to talk about where science and utopian futurism overlap. There was a time when science fiction was a prediction as much as it was a warning. These days it seems like most science fiction that is popular is terrifying. Oblivion. After Earth. World War Z. Are we really that worried that our future is dystopian?

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