Review of

I have been experimenting with I am finding it very helpful. It has a lifetime subscription option that I bought through the Boing Boing store. I don’t know how long that offer will be available, but with the discount through Boing Boing the price was less than a year of headspace.

Currently, it works through the web, the mobile web, and an iPhone app.  I don’t have an iPhone (I am a dedicated android user despite the consequences). I think they might have an android app coming soon. It works fine on the chrome browser on my phone and Kindle fire. I tend to prefer browser apps over dedicated apps anyway. for meditation:

After a year of headspace, I feel like I have the routine down. has very nice 15 and 30 minute meditation options that do seem to calm my brain and make meditation easier. for focus:

Most of the time I am using for focus. It’s hard to say how much is the placebo effect, but overall I feel more focused when I’m using it. I find it easier to not procrastinate.  We will see if it helps me to grade papers and edit my backlog of publications. I need a little bit of help because at four in the morning I am not at all motivated to do real work. for sleep:

I’ve also used it to go to sleep. I find it very difficult to sleep with headphones in, so it’s more to help me relax in preparation for sleep.  It works really well for that.

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