Procrastination of the good to achieve the best

To overcome procrastination I’m going to “eat the frog” as my first task in my day. When I get into the lab at 4 in the morning, I usually start with some reading. First, I read the blogs (bad habit). Then I read a journal article (much better). During the election I was hopeless. I barely read science. I’m on a bit of a blog detox these days and my reading habits are much improved.

This week I’ve been getting in first thing and trying to troubleshoot an experiment. I’m frustrated with it, and a little obsessed. In one way, that makes me productive. We’re making progress. In another way, it’s procrastination because I’m putting off editing and grading (which I hate).

Virtuous procrastination is when you are doing something really Quadrant 2 in order to procrastinate something that is Quadrant 1 or 3.

Still, my commitments are going to overwhelm me if I don’t get on it. I think I need to get in and devote time (two pomodoro, perhaps) to the things I least want to do. I need to eat the frog. It will likely make my day less stressful overall.

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