The First Bachelor Chow Review

I got my first review of Bachelor Chow today.

One of my lab-mates blended up a batch and said that it was filling but bland. I am actually satisfied with that review. I made Bachelor Chow to satisfy three requirements – cheap, simple, nutritious. Flavor really didn’t come into that equation. It ended up being acceptable anyway.


Cheap: less than
one dollar per serving.

Simple: no
refrigeration; one step preparation; minimal utensils; minimal cleanup.

Nutritious: low
in sugar; significant protein.

I can prepare a Bachelor Chow shake, drink it, and clean up
in less time than it takes to get a candy bar from the vending machine. It also
has more calories than an energy bar, less sugar by a huge margin, and it costs
less than one dollar. The fact that it tastes “bland” is a small sacrifice. I
would describe it as “inoffensive.”


Milk: ½ serving, 60 cal, $.30 ($.17 generic)

Peanut butter: one serving, 180 cal, $.18 (about the same for generic)

OR Peanut Powder: one serving, 60 cal, $.18

Oats: one serving, 180 cal, $.45 ($.12 generic)



Bachelor Chow: ¾ cup serving:

380 cal (or 300 Calories with peanut powder), $.93 ($.47 generic)

If you need higher calorie content, I would recommend adding
vegetable oil or olive oil. I have not tried that yet so I will have to
experiment and I’ll put that in a later post.

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Updated 8/30/13 with generic prices.

Updated 10/2/13 with peanut butter calories. Thanks to Redditor Trick825

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