Pressure Cooker for Students

My pressure cooker has been one of my best purchase decisions

Before I purchased my pressure cooker, I would get home hungry and go to the restaurant across the street. Since I would take my girlfriend, that added up to $60-80 per week. I felt like I was bleeding money through my stomach. I bought the pressure cooker for $100 at the local hardware store. It paid for itself within a month. The particular pressure cooker which I purchased also can act as a rice cooker and a crock pot (slow cooker). So I gave away my old Crockpot. The net result was no increase in number of appliances in my small kitchen.

Seven Minute Chicken in a Pressure Cooker.

I can throw 4 frozen chicken breasts into the pressure cooker straight from the freezer bag. I don’t even thaw them. I had a cup of water, some garlic, some poultry seasoning mix and I set it for seven minutes at high pressure. It takes a little longer than seven minutes, because it takes a while to heat up to full pressure. Nonetheless, I can have chicken in less time than it takes to walk across the street to the restaurant.

Pro Tip: Use Your Hot Broth for Your Vegetables

Once I’m done cooking my chicken, I pour some frozen vegetables into a strainer and dip that into the broth. I let that sit and soak up the heat and flavor from the broth. Then I strain the vegetables. A little butter or olive oil and those are some delicious greens. I usually freeze my broth and reuse it once. It is safe to reuse it more than that, but I feel a little weird about it.

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