Study Tip – Go Home When You Are Done

Work somewhere quiet and do not go home until the job is done.

In my later undergraduate days, I realized that I needed a place to study that was separate from my home. I was lucky enough to work in a university research lab that gave me some space to study. If I hadn’t had that, I would have found a quiet library nook to work in on a regular basis. One of my biggest advantages in finding a place to study on campus was that I could study until my day’s work was done.

Studying on campus prevents distractions.

Studying at home became increasingly disrupted when I had a bad roommate. The place was dirty, the atmosphere was toxic, and I just wanted to go to bed when I was there. This was unpleasant, but it forced me to work very hard at school. Having a place to sleep that was separate from a place to study helped me be very productive. I never allowed myself to be comfortable enough on campus to play games or indulge other NSFW distractions.

A separate home life helps reduce stress.

Later, this habit survey really well. I was able to come home and be relaxed even when I had imminent, big tests. My home life and study life were at least a little bit separate. When my roommates improved and I was able have fun at home, it was nice to know that my day’s work was complete and that I could really enjoy the company of my friends.

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