Links – Saving Money and Financial Independence

Best Sites and books on Saving Money

Some of my favorite blogs, books and sites for saving money. Most of these are not about frugal tricks (like ‘avoid paying $5 for that latte’). These are more serious lifestyle blogs and books. These talk about how to come to terms with money and its role in our lives. These are books about focusing on what is important, cutting out the distractions and creating abundance for ourselves. – This gentleman became financially independent at age 30. Some of that was luck – he admits that freely. But his ‘secret’ is not a secret at all. Save aggressively and create value for yourself rather than buying it. – A gradutate student learns to live on $7k per year. He saves the rest. Soon, the interest on his savings pays $7k per year. Financial freedom achieved. – The Simple Dollar is filled with more practical advice on how to save money. Recipes, activities, and thoughts on personal independence are all well-represented in this site.

Your Money or your Life – A seminal work in the realm of Financial Independence, this book lays out a simple idea: how to transform money from being a thing you pursue to a tool you use to achieve your greatest goals.

Choosing Simplicity – Another book that I found really inspirational, this covers short stories about people who have achieved simple, personal, empowered dreams. Many live on tiny budgets, but are fulfilled by a great purpose for which they live every day.

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