Meditation is helping me not procrastinate

If you want your mind to be less distracted, you have to practice the skill of un-distracting yourself.

That is meditation. It is a technique for training the mind to return from distraction easily. That is different from trying to focus. Trying hard does not work very well to increase attention span. It sort of backfires. Meditation is more like accepting a certain amount of distraction, but practicing bringing the attention back. The mind inevitably becomes distracted and it takes a lot of practice to sense that when that is happening and gently correct it.

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Procrastination is more about emotions than time management

Procrastination is a constant struggle.

I struggled with procrastination as a student. I think most students do. Learning not to procrastinate is very difficult. Negative emotions associated with the consequences of procrastination should teach us not to procrastinate. Unfortunately, the same negative emotions are what inspire us to put off the task at hand.

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