Writing breakdown: brainstorm, sleep, write, edit, repeat


Based on some of the writing tips on medium.com, I separated my writing routine into three steps: brainstorm, write, edit. It was amazing how easy it was to write in the morning when I had the topic all picked out from the day before. There are some great writer communities on medium.com.

The workflow looks like this: at the end of the day I write down a specific writing topic that I want to cover the next day. That might be something political, a tip for students, or something I’ve built in the lab. It might be a summary of an article I’ve read. When I get into work the next morning, it’s easy to write about a topic if I already have it picked out (if I try to brainstorm and then write, I get caught in endless brainstorming). Once I’m done with a short piece like this, I edit. Editing is easier with a text-to-speech engine. I have a hard time reading my own work critically. Listening to my own work critically is relatively easy. I find that I can hear when a paragraph works. Over the course of the day I look for something I would like to write about tomorrow.

So there you go: if you want to write regularly, try separating your brainstorming and your writing.

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