I tired drawing with my left (off) hand; the result was strange

I watched this video about the hemispheres in the brain by CGP Grey. It has a short review of the phenomena surrounding split-brain patients. What was really provocative was the idea that maybe we all have a dual personality and that only one side is verbal. When I first watched this, I had a really odd feeling of recognition, like there was something missing from my life that I had just discovered.

left hand drawings

I started freehand drawing with my left hand. I am right handed, but I wanted to give this “other me” a chance to do something on its own.

The results were really weird. My left hand is not nearly as practiced. The lines are less sure. At the same time, it doesn’t look to me like my own work. It looks to me like a more talented person drew it (that’s not saying much given my right hand’s low bar for talent). It was fun and strangely disconcerting.

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