Doing the First Thing – Browser add-ons to help avoid distraction and procrastination

Browser addons can help avoid distractions

I find that I am easily distracted with semi-productive sites on the Internet. I like Reddit for lots of reasons, but one of my favorites is that I can restrict the subreddits that get displayed to me. I have subreddits like /r/hardscience and /r/chemistry on my front page. While this is great, it tends to lead to my reading Reddit when I have other priorities that I know are higher. I found that the firefox add- on called Leechblock helps me focus [edit: I use now]. There are more, similar plugins for other browsers.

Here are several more browser apps, plug-ins and add-ons that block non-productive sites during the work day:

(Let’s face it, IE is the very best browser for getting another browser )

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